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OSO Apartments

Dukane Precast played a pivotal role in the realization of Oso Apartments, contributing our expertise in supplying precast components for this transformative project. As a catalyst for innovative affordable housing in Chicago, Oso Apartments was initiated as part of the Chicago Housing Authority's commitment to combat systemic housing displacement and extend its impact to surrounding communities. Nestled in the culturally diverse Albany Park neighborhood, Oso Apartments stands tall as a newly constructed, 5-story building comprising 48 units of affordable housing.   The OSO apartments comprise of two more than the other ones

Project Details


Evergreen Construction Co.



McKay Landscape Architects


The Engineering Studio

CE Anderson & Associates


Evergreen Real Estate Group


Albany Park, Chicago

OSO Apartments.jpg

The incorporation of precast concrete components has contributed numerous benefits to the 43 Green Apartment Building project, ensuring a superior and sustainable residential complex. Some key advantages include:

  1. Efficient Construction: Precast components are manufactured off-site in parallel with other construction activities, resulting in shorter construction timelines and reduced on-site labor requirements.

  2. Durability and Quality: The controlled factory environment in which precast components are produced ensures consistent quality, strength, and long-term durability. This guarantees the resilience and longevity of the 43 Green Apartment Building.

  3. Sustainable Development: Precast concrete is recognized for its sustainable attributes, such as reduced material waste and improved energy efficiency. By utilizing precast components, the project supports environmentally-conscious construction practices, aligning with the goals of sustainable urban development.

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