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Insulated Wall Panels
We offer state of the art insulated wall panels sandwiched around high-R foam insulation for maximum efficiency and convenience.  Our panels are custom build to order and can be used for walls or floors in your project.  Dukane provides insulated wall panels to provide maximum building efficiency and convenience. And, our unique casting process makes panels that fulfill the project needs and meet the customers expectations without additional topping or treatments required.

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The Benefit

Utilizing precast concrete results in improved quality, shortened construction schedules, and reduced waste as compared to conventional cast in place construction.The completed building will have the attractive visual appearance of any other quality-built structure, but the real difference is the added benefits of energy-efficiency, storm safety and long-term durability.

Other Solutions


We offer many options for integrating spandrels into your office building's design. There are an array of features and options to custom design spandrels to your individual need.


There are many options for decorative and structural columns that can be easily integrated into your buildings design plan.


For support of our roofing systems, our structural systems  can be integrated into your design.

Double Tees

We offer many options for integrating double tees into your office building's design. There are an array of features and options to custom design double tees to your individual need.


Dukane Precast Inc. offers a full line of services to complement our dynamic product selection. From Technical Sales and Estimating to Full Fleet Delivery and Total Erection Services, we can assist you with many of your service needs.

Precast Solutions

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