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North Central College Parking Deck

Dukane Precast proudly supplied the precast concrete for the North Central College Parking Deck in Naperville, Illinois. This state-of-the-art facility enhances campus infrastructure by providing 420 parking spaces within a three-level structure.  A total of 351 precast components, including 192 double tees, were employed, ensuring a quick erection time of 30 days, minimal on-site disruption, and long-term structural integrity.

Project Details


Bulley & Andrews



Holabird & Root, LLC


Larson Engineering


North Central College


Naperville, IL

NCC Parking Pavilion_edited.jpg

Sustainable and Efficient Construction:

The project emphasizes sustainable construction practices. Precast concrete’s inherent properties, such as thermal efficiency and recyclability, align with the college’s commitment to environmental responsibility. The efficient construction process also reduced waste and accelerated the timeline, enabling the parking deck to meet immediate demands and future growth.

NCC Parking Deck _edited.jpg
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