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Dukane Precast Takes Home PCI Best Sustainable Design Award for North Central College Residence Hall

Dukane Precast supplied the precast concrete elements for the project and has been recognized for its contribution to the sustainable design of the building. The company was awarded the PCI Best Sustainable Design Award for its work on the North Central College dormitory and rec facility.

North Central College has constructed a unique combination college dorm and rec facility that has achieved LEED Silver certification, making it the nation's first LEED-certified combination dorm and rec facility. The building, which covers an area of 201,000 square feet and consists of four stories, features interior wall and ceiling panels with a smooth, paintable finish that does not require drywall.

One of the key features of the dormitory is its use of precast double-wall stormwater retention tanks that are located underground. These tanks help to manage stormwater runoff and protect the environment. The dormitory walls are also made using a unique construction method that involves two 2 ½-inch concrete faces on either side of a 3-inch layer of bio-based insulating foam.

This innovative project has qualified for 41 LEED credit points, making it eligible for a LEED Silver rating. It demonstrates the potential for educational institutions to create cost-effective, sustainable student housing and facilities that meet the growing demand for such spaces.

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