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Accelerated Construction Success: Dukane Precast's North Central College Parking Deck Project

Updated: Jun 19

In a recent milestone achievement, Dukane Precast proudly announces the successful completion of the North Central College parking deck project in collaboration with MVP Erectors and Bulley & Andrews. This ambitious undertaking involved the erection of 351 precast components within a tight 30-day timeframe, showcasing the efficiency and efficacy of precast concrete systems in construction projects.

Efficiency in Construction using precast for parking deck construction

The project involved the installation of 192 precast double tee beams, along with other structural components. Utilizing precast concrete technology allowed for rapid assembly of columns, beams, deck panels, and architectural precast wall panels, ensuring both speed and quality in the construction process. The focus on efficiency ensured the project was completed on schedule, providing durable and aesthetically pleasing parking for North Central College's community.

Collaborative Approach

Throughout the project, Dukane Precast worked in close collaboration with MVP Erectors and Bulley & Andrews to ensure the safety of all crew members and maintain the highest standards of construction quality. This collaborative effort was instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving the project's goals within the designated timeframe.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Systems

The successful completion of the North Central College parking deck project stands as a testament to the myriad benefits of precast concrete systems. These systems offer not only aesthetic designs but also accelerated schedules and resilient structures. The efficient assembly of precast components showcases how innovative construction techniques can bring ambitious visions to life while maintaining superior quality.

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